From our website offer the possibility of discovering our specialized cleaning services:

* Remove hard water stains: The lack of a regular program of maintenance and window cleaning allows minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron or silicates accumulate on the surface of the glass. Order to eliminate these spots there are two solutions: the replacement of glass or the use of specific products in the hands of professionals.

Obviously, the use of specific quality and specific action protocol is a cheaper solution than replacing the glass damaged or deteriorated. In PCO Window Cleaning are experts in this type of solution and therefore we have the best products and more specialized professionals.

* Hydrophobic Solution: To have a water repellent glass use a product of last generation: a mixture of synthetic polymers that is designed to alter the properties of glass and similar non-porous surfaces. With this solution ensures that the water, sleet and snow are repelled from the surface. It also manages to reduce the adhesion and accumulation on the surfaces of glass and many other non-porous materials such as powder, salt and other substances in the environment.

In order to produce a glass surface capable of repelling water, using the polar properties of the water and the glass surface. Simply use a product of art to change the polarity ... making it hydrophobic. Technically known as a non-polar surface with hydrophobic properties ... that repels water.